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Steez Prop Development part 1


Steez Prop Development part 1

The first sinking double swisher released in Japan about 13 years ago is a screw bait from GAN CRAFT.


Starting with the release of the screw bait, various companies have begun to release sinking type double swishers.

At that time, the double swisher was simply a recognition that it would be used in top water.

Is this sinking? I think it was a shocking image like a sinking popper.

During guide fishing, one thing inspired me to find that sinking the double swisher would catch bass better. It was secret for a while, but the screw bait was developed as a product in collaboration with GANCRAFT, the main sponsor at the time.


By the way, my name is on the back of the package.

Since there was no sinking double swisher in the world, at that time I was desperately informing that “You could catch bass with this screw bait!”. I think that you can still find it by searching for “screw bait, Hasegawa” on the Internet.

I think the spread of information from me was very low when the sinking double swishers came out of each company. In retrospect, I may have stopped sending at the most noticeable time.

Therefore, they stopped fishing using the sinking double swisher as if they were temporarily sealed. It had a lot of implications, but one of the reasons was that I wanted to reshape the sinking switcher someday.


And since last year, we have been working with DAIWA to develop this product, and finally this spring is scheduled to be released, “Steez Prop”.

The Steez Prop was completed by incorporating elements that were not present in sinking double swishers and packing my commitment to sinking double swishers.

To be continued.

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