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Stimulate the instinct of the bass! Steez Prop Development Part 2


Thinking Swishers have a magical appeal to bass. I think that there is an element that can stimulate some instinct of the bass (fish) in its charm.

Usage is slow retrieve.

Just throw and roll slowly!

The trick is to roll softly!


A propeller that rotates at high speed in front of and behind a slow-moving body!It is important that the propeller rotates at high speed, contrary to the slow movement of the body.

Bass are particularly attracted to the conflicting factors.

Propeller is important for double swisher!

A fast-moving propeller will increase this conflict and make it easier for bass to use its mouth.

Elements hidden in propellers other than rotation

・”Flushing effect” produces a group of baitfish.

・Sound effect (bass responds to the sound of metal rubbing and bites)




Steez Prop was made to catch a big bass.

Can be used with heavy action bait tackle over 14 pounds line.

In addition, each part must be durable in their hard use.


So the propeller must be sturdy! When the sinking double swisher is increased in body and weight, the propeller on the tail side is easily deformed by water pressure, especially depending on the landing position.

Despite the low swimming speed(body) and high rotational speed(propellers) of the Steez prop, the propellers are very strong. (It does not bend easily even if you try to bend by hand)

Here is a brief description of the features.

To be continued.

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