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【The advantages of Neko Rig】I will explain that we often use Neko Rig in Nor th of Lake Biwa.


These three advantages of Neko Rig are very suitable for North of Lake Biwa.

1.Neko Rig has a fast fall speed and easy bottoming. We often aim at deep water,normally aim up to 32 feet.
2.The pull resistance of Neko Rig is strong because the lure is easy to handle a
nd swim in deep water.

3.Sinker is less likely to stick to cover.

Because the sinker is integrated with the worm, it is unlikely that the sinker
gets stuck between cover. So, it is very useful in North Lake, where there ar
e many fish reefs and rock areas.



Compared with down shots and jig head rigs, Neko Rig is a very efficient rig i
n North Lake in view of the above points.


The only interesting thing about bass fishing is that there are some basses th
at can’t be caught by Neko Rig alone.

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