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ASAR with 3 types!  Steez Prop Development part 3


ASAR with 3 types!  Steez Prop Development part 3

Steez Prop covers ASAR (all season all range) with 3 types.

There are three types of weight settings for Steez Prop.


S:13.8g(slow sinking)

FS:16.5g(fast sinking)


F type: Great for top water! 

I have called Steez Prop a sinking double swisher, but there is also a floating lineup that can be used as top water.

I’d like to keep in mind that Steez prop can be used in top water.


The use in top water is basically a slow retrieve.

The trick is to roll it slowly and gently even in top water.

Steez Prop has the power to attract bass to the surface in surprisingly many situations.


I recommend S type first.

S (slow sinking) type is for the middle layer, and the range that can be seen is a guide. The visibility changes depending on the color of the lure, so you can control the range by the color rotation. Please use it as a reference when choosing a color!


FS type for the ultimate in sinking double swishers!

Not only range work with rod and retrieve speed, but further extremity is the middle to deep water range capture by weight tune. 

It is this FS type that makes it possible to widen the range of usable range by weight tune by plate weight. 

(Of course, there is also use in all types of weight tune.)

【ASAR】All season! All range!!

By using these three types, you can capture all range. It is possible to cover the range corresponding to all seasons. Sinking double swishers tend to be less susceptible to strong winds and storms, but Steez prop with a more voluminous body have performed well in such situations. 

We also aim to be the top class among sinking double swishers for situational responsiveness.


To be continued.

参考ムービー「STEEZ PROP その全貌を初公開 Ultimate Bass by DAIWA vol.212」

Reference movie 「STEEZ PROP First public release of the whole picture Ultimate Bass by DAIWA vol. 212」

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